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About Fusion

What is Ancillary

Who are we?

Fusion is a highly experienced and well proven digital optimization company that was set up in 2007 with one simple aim – to help you sell more and become more profitable.

At Fusion we do that by working with you to better understand your customers so that we can deliver the right offer to the right customer at the right time. The result is a more personalised and relevant shopping experience for your customers that increase their consideration and propensity to purchase.

That sounds good but how do you do it?

In a nutshell, we combine a proprietary optimisation and merchandising platform with a team of merchandising experts to deliver incremental revenue growth through continuous optimisation of your product offers. We use advanced data analytics, test strategies, A/B and multivariate testing and artificial intelligence to determine the best way to present offers to each individual customer. The results are higher conversions, higher revenues per transaction, increased profitability and a better customer experience.

So what makes you different?

We asked our customers, our prospects and our competitors and what they said was … Fusion is clearly different in these three key areas: Our highly tenured client base, our commerical model, and our laser focus on add-on revenue.

Client base

Since 2007, we have integrated with over 50 clients around the world including 50% of the world’s largest airlines. They have trusted Fusion to optimize key products on their behalf to help deliver continued incremental revenue growth.

Commercial Model

One of the things that make us truly unique in the market is our commercial model. We offer a risk free pay for performance commercial model. Meaning, we only get paid a percentage of the incremental revenue.

Add-on Revenue

We specialize in the optimization of add-on or ancillary sales. You have done the hard work of getting customers to your website. So let us help you to increase and maximize the value from each customer interaction.

Well proven

Our team of test strategists, data analysts and merchandising experts has been optimising ancillary sales for over 11 years. As a result, on average we deliver 20-25% incremental revenue growth to our clients each year.

Our platform

Our proprietary platform and technology is unique, allowing us to integrate with you in a way most others are not able. We go beyond the presentation layer and become an integral part of your merchandising platform.


We optimise across all distribution touchpoints at each stage of the journey. Whether it’s web, mobile web/app, email, pre-purchase, in-purchase, post-purchase. We help you deliver a true omni-channel experience.

Some key facts

50+ Client Integrations

23 Languages

1.2bil Optimized offers per year

1500+ A/B Tests per year

43 Countries

60mil Optimized transactions

38 Currencies