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About Fusion

What is Ancillary

Areas of Expertise

Since 2007, Fusion has been working with global brands across a wide range of industries and verticals to optimize their various product offers.


We invented ancillary optimization! Since 2007, we have been optimizing ancillary product sales on behalf of Airlines, OTA’s, Rail, Cruise and Hospitality clients around the world. We have a proven track record in optimizing the sales of a wide range of ancillary products including seats, baggage, insurance, priority boarding, transfers, parking, SMS, pre-booked meals, fast track, lounges, fare lock, car rental, hotels and more. In a nutshell, we help travel clients become ancillary champions!



Let’s face it, online retails such as Amazon and eBay have pioneered digital optimization. So in the world of retail, this is a basic requirement. Online retailers need to ensure that they are continuously optimizing the customer journey and increasing the average basket value through an active up-sell and cross-sell strategy. Fusion helps online retailers to achieve this goal through optimizing the sale of complimentary product sales through the purchase process.



We were born from an insurance company and are still owned by Allianz, one of the largest insurers in the world. So, we know a thing or two about insurance optimization. We have experience in optimizing insurance products across a range of insurance verticals including Healthcare, Auto and other personal lines insurance. Our main focus is on helping companies to optimize the sale of add-on or complimentary insurance products. For Healthcare provides this can include things such as dental, pet insurance, vision, critical illness and more. For auto insurers this can include things such as roadside assistance, warranties, legal cover, windscreen protection and more.



Our experience in the insurance industry applies to the financial services sector, where we can work with financial organizations such as banks in order to help them become better digital organizations. There is a huge focus within the financial services sector at the moment on digital with significant investment in Fintech. We can help banks to better connect with their customer and to optimize the financial products and services they present to customers through their key digital touchpoints.



We have a great deal of experience in the entertainment industry, particularly with global event ticketing companies where we help to optimize the sale of additional add-on products such as Event Ticket Insurance.


Some key facts

50+ Client Integrations

43 Countries

38 Currencies

23 Languages

1.2bil Optimized offers per year

60mil Optimized transactions

1500+ A/B Tests per year

We understand your challenges

In today’s always connected digital world, many industries are faced with the same issues. High acquisition costs, commoditized products, transparent pricing, high levels of competition and a lack of brand loyalty. The result is a reduction in core margins to an often unsustainable level.

In order to compete and survive in this difficult commercial environment, most online retailers and digital pioneers have addressed this by focusing on the need to upsell and cross sell higher margin complimentary or add-on products.

At Fusion, we help clients establish long term sustainable business models by helping them to optimize the sales and performance of high margin ancillary or add-on products that complement their overall core product sales. The result is an increase in revenue and profitability and an improved customer experience.

How We Make It Happen

We combine a proprietary optimization and merchandising platform with a team of merchandising experts to deliver incremental revenue growth through continuous optimization of your product offers. We use advanced data analytics, test strategies, A/B and multivariate testing and machine learning to determine the best way to present offers to each individual customer. The results are higher conversions, higher revenues per transaction, increased profitability and a better customer experience.