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Core Leadership Team


“Fusion has far exceeded my expectations. They increased our ancillary revenue by 27% in 2017 while also improving the customer experience. Fusion’s collaborative approach meant they adopted the most relevant strategy for our specific market, and results happened quickly. They are excellent to work with and have become a critical part of our business.”


“I have been working with Fusion since 2012, and working with Fusion is a real pleasure!

Fusion has an amazing and dedicated team that works closely with its clients to deliver true commercial value. They really understand the importance of ancillary revenue and provide you with best knowledge and expertise of market trends.

They always listen and understand Eurostar’s needs & constraints and they proactively propose initiatives to maximise ancillary sales. They use customer data and intelligence testing to deliver truly targeted offers that resonate with customers and increase propensity to purchase. They are justifiably known for providing you with reliable and easy to implement technology.”


“Ryanair appointed Fusion for two main reasons. Firstly for their simple model – when profitability increases, Fusion and Ryanair are both rewarded. Secondly, they know the best tests to run using their technology because of their experience in the sector.”