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Allianz Global Assistance Introduces Artificial Intelligence to Drive Personalization in “FUSION CORE” Ancillary Revenue Platform - Fusion

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Allianz Global Assistance Introduces Artificial Intelligence to Drive Personalization in “FUSION CORE” Ancillary Revenue Platform

MON, OCT 22, 2018 10:23am

Allianz Global Assistance, a leading distributor of travel protection products and services*, has introduced artificial intelligence technology into its third-generation insurance personalization platform known as Fusion CORE. The company believes artificial intelligence is the key to unlocking the value that truly personalized offers can provide to customers and clients. Personalization driven by artificial intelligence allows travel providers using the company’s platform to deliver the products and services that best resonate with an individual consumer, increasing both partner revenue and customer satisfaction.

The CORE platform uses machine learning and predictive analytics to enhance customer experience and maximize ancillary revenue for some of the world’s leading travel suppliers by tailoring product offerings to better meet customer needs based on their itinerary. Allianz expects that increased personalization driven by artificial intelligence will be a key differentiator for its ecommerce partners. Developed by Allianz ecommerce company Fusion, the CORE platform delivers world-class intelligence and marketing sophistication to partners around the globe.

“We’re proud to have pioneered the use of real time A/B and multivariate testing and personalization in the travel market, and we’ve taken another step in our insurance innovation leadership by introducing machine learning into the platform,” said Mike Nelson, CEO of Global Travel Insurance at Allianz Global Assistance USA. “By incorporating artificial intelligence into our CORE platform, we’re able to improve personalization and scale it for millions of unique offers. This provides the best possible products and experiences for consumers and enhances revenue opportunities for our partners.”

Allianz will deploy further advancements to its platform later this year that will use artificial intelligence to dynamically take into account the full context of the consumer’s trip, which will help to deliver the most appropriate product. The company will roll out the next iteration of its artificial intelligence-powered platform in early 2019, which will pair consumer information with relevant product components, leading to further offer personalization.

“Not only have we developed an ambitious artificial intelligence roadmap, but we’re already speeding down that road,” said Bob Dufour, CEO of Fusion Company. “While other insurance companies are still trying to figure out how to best use artificial intelligence to drive ecommerce sales, we have successfully deployed AI to deliver highly personalized offers to consumers with dramatic improvements in insurance conversion rates. Research shows that consumers are four times more likely** to accept a personalized offer, so the opportunity for our partners is significant.”

The new platform excels in personalizing offers in an increasingly complex ancillary revenue environment. It works across multiple channels (app, web, call center, mobile and email) and locations (booking path, check-in, managed reservations, etc.), and takes into account seasonal pricing and content variations. It also maximizes offer performance by selecting products based on the specific attributes of the customer and their trip. The platform uses proprietary algorithms and accelerates the testing process by allowing for fast, mass-processing of data and removes behavioral bias in results and is available globally, accommodating multiple languages and currencies.