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Choosing a Partner for Travel Ecommerce Optimization - Fusion

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Choosing a Partner for Travel Ecommerce Optimization

For travel companies, identifying vendors to support business needs, particularly with services that impact customer experience, is difficult. Before identifying a viable solution, a thorough review of the needs of the service in question, vendor options and their offerings must be conducted.

When selecting a partner to execute ecommerce platform optimization and ancillary sales strategy, decision makers within the travel company have to evaluate the long-term goals of their ancillary product strategy and revenue generating channels. In addition, the structure and capabilities of the in-house teams such as technology and marketing should be considered.

Within the travel industry, the implementation of technology to optimize online and mobile sites and developing a robust ancillary sales strategy has been lagging. (As we’ve identified based on a research study conducted in partnership with Forrester Research, see the results here.) With the digital cultural shift, increased demand for online shopping and the importance of travel companies having a comprehensive digital presence, optimizing ecommerce solutions to maximize profit is an investment that will yield abundant returns.

There are options in the marketplace, however may not satisfy long-term business objectives and revenue goals, and most importantly add strategic value. As core profit margins continue to dwindle, ancillary sales have the potential to supplement revenue losses and surpass projected outcomes. Partnering with the wrong company could result in missing the ancillary sales boat and continued slimming of margins.

Identifying a partner with the platform, expertise and business model to best support your business in a desirable timeframe should be the top priorities for companies looking to improve the performance of their digital sales channels. An effective optimization and ancillary sales strategy takes more than just software–impressive results require human analysis, the application or real time data and testing expertise.

Building a partnership that provides strategic value and nurturing of the ancillary program is the key to success. Further, ensure that your vendor partner is as invested in the performance of your ancillary strategy. Our service is built on a pay-for-performance business model, which means after the initial on-boarding process, we make money when our clients do. We believe that optimizing digital commerce platforms strategy is more effective within a true partnership, testing and adjusting step-by-step.

Choosing a partner for ecommerce optimization should be a decision that is weighed carefully. An investment of this scale will impact revenue, the customer experience and the ability to solidify long-term consumer relationships.

A word of advice – choose wisely.

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Bob Dufour

Bob is the President and CEO of Fusion. He leverages his extensive experience in sales, marketing, finance and statistics to drive value to our clients.