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How Fusion Customers Avoid Internal “IT Queues" - Fusion

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How Fusion Customers Avoid Internal “IT Queues"

For companies in the digital age, particularly in the airline industry, the pressures of price transparency has increasingly constricted profit margins on core products. Ancillary revenue is a viable solution for maintaining profit margins, while also providing a better-rounded and customized digital shopping experience for customers.

Managing and consistently improving a digital sales platform, that includes an ancillary strategy, is no small feat. Many companies have turned to their internal IT teams to manage their digital sales platforms and insights; however this may not the best use of internal resources. No matter the size of your organization, the IT team is tasked with a number of time-intensive and specialized tasks. The IT department’s queue ranges from maintaining hardware and a myriad of software and technical issues. In order to thrive, your company’s digital ecommerce strategy deserves undivided attention.

There are infinite benefits associated with outsourcing the optimization of your ecommerce platforms. Beyond providing your customers with a purchasing experience that is more efficient, outsourcing can lead to a more focused effort. Having a partner means having a dedicated team to conduct allow effective multivariate testing design, seamless programming, production, implementation and reporting. With reporting and testing strategy, analysis and interpretation are where the value lies. You need experts to boil the numbers down into useful insights. Further, outsourcing creates an intensified level of accountability–your partner must deliver results.

In addition to tactical execution, a partner can support your strategic revenue growth and provide guidance to internal decision makers. By constant assessment of the channels that perform best for your company, a partner could help you prioritize the allocation of resources. For example: do you optimize your mobile application or place kiosks in your physical locations? Making strides towards achieving your company’s long term goals is also better with a partner. Consider the benefits of creating shopping experiences designed to develop relationships that encourage repeat business.

Shoppers today expect a user-centric experience, no matter the channel. It makes a difference to consumers when they feel that a company has taken the time to incorporate their preferences and considered their time.

Avoid the costly mistake of burdening your IT department with optimizing your digital sales platforms. Choose a partner that can help you focus on making the most of the moment.

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Bob Dufour

Bob is the President and CEO of Fusion. He leverages his extensive experience in sales, marketing, finance and statistics to drive value to our clients.