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Agency Services

Agency Services

Fusion has been in business for over 10 years, helping clients optimize their shopping experiences across channels. We have generated over $365 million dollars for our clients over that span of time.

Fusion Services gives you the experience and results, without adding the personnel. Whatever your strategic goals, we work with you to transform your business by amplifying your online, and bottom-line, success.

How we create value for you

We work with you to better understand your customers so that we can deliver the right offer to the right customer at the right time. The result is a more personalized and relevant shopping experience for your customers that increase their consideration and propensity to purchase.

We Move The Metrics That Matter

by aligning to your business objectives and provide consulting that is personalized, relevant, and actionable. We share the same goal: your success.

We Find Money Leaks

by identifying where revenue opportunities may be getting lost on your current website and provide solutions for how to gain them back. We will also help you zero in on the best product additions to improve your profitability.

We Perform Conversion Research

via User Testing and UX Benchmarking Services to see how you compare against your competitors. We make recommendations on how to rise above them, not how to copy them.

We Understand People

and are passionate about online consumer behavior and psychology and can create effective copy, optimized design and structure improvements based on the mindset of your customers.

We’re Optimization Experts

with processes and procedures for operating successful optimization programs that have been proven to work for both small and large companies for over 10 years.

Our approach

How we work

Fusion professionals work together as a team to provide strategy, designs, and analysis. We have a diverse set of experiences and we have found that the team approach yields stronger results. We can work as consultants or as an operational extension of your UI/UX team.

What makes us different?

Fusion is a small company of hard-working people who take a genuine interest in our clients and their customers. Every one of our clients are like family – and we do what’s best for you and your customers. We have a holistic approach to helping you generate more revenue – we want to ensure you are making more money overall – not increasing one area of revenue while decreasing another. Your satisfaction and happiness is our goal and we always strive to make sure you are getting the most value from any engagement with us.