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Analytics & Modeling


In-Depth Analytics


Site Analytics

We can identify points in the customer journey where you are losing visitors or missing out on potential revenue and develop solutions to change customer behavior and improve the KPIs important to your business.


Key driver Analysis

We help you uncover what is most important in driving customer behavior. Once identified, key insights can help drive business decisions and focus efforts on the areas that matter most.


Segmentation Analysis

Our team of analysts can provide important customer segmentation insights to help drive campaigns and provide a better understanding of customer behavior and a more relevant customer experience..


AI (Artificial Intelligence) Readiness Analysis

Our analysts work to examine your existing data, structure, and systems to assess your readiness for applying AI capabilities to your website.


Optimization Analysis

We have developed a logical, statistics-based system for assessing optimization efforts. We start by benchmarking current performance and working with you to understand your business goals and KPIs. With goals aligned, Fusion can design solutions to improve and measure the metrics most important to your business.

Predictive Modeling


Propensity Modeling

Using historical and current data, we can develop models to estimate the odds that a user will purchase a particular product. The models are applied to then present the product(s) with the highest likelihood of being purchased.



Similar in practice to propensity modeling, additional externals factors can be applied such as margins, on-sales, and more to produce and predict and offering with the best outcome from customer purchasing behavior.


Defection/Retention modeling

Keeping your customers is essential to increasing their life-time value and continuing to provide a positive customer experience. Our team can model this data to run more effective campaigns and accurately target at-risk customers to increase retention.



With our proprietary AI capabilities, we can provide real-time modeling to show the offers and products most suited for the customer at that particular moment in time.