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Reporting Portal

Let us use SAS Visual Analytics’ powerful software to create exciting new ways to view your data and reports. We can layer this tool on top of your existing data and with a single user interface; transform traditional reporting into exploration and analysis. Vital information can be shared through different channels, including: web, mobile devices, or Microsoft Office applications. Executives and frontline staff can quickly interact with this easy-to-use tool for a better understanding of business performance. With only a few clicks in your custom-designed portal, data can be sliced and diced to enable collaboration from all levels of users in your business.


Data Visualization

Turn seeing into understanding with dynamic visuals. We will create stunning interactive reports and dashboards that quickly summarize key performance metrics. Add geographical context to your analyses and visualizations by combining traditional data with location data. Analytical visualizations include box plots, heat maps, animated bubble charts, network diagrams, correlation matrices, line charts with forecasting, parallel coordinates plot, donut charts, decision trees and more.