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Fusion CORE™

Customer experience

Optimization &



Fusion CORE is our proprietary optimization platform and has been developed extensively since 2007 to become truly unique and world class. With advanced features and capabilities including predictive modelling, scoring and machine learning it is the ‘enabler’, providing our clients with a flexible merchandising platform that allows them to optimize and personalize the way they present product offers to their customers to increase conversion and average revenue per sale.

Our platform integrates quickly and easily with your existing systems using JavaScript technology. Once integrated the platform allows us to collect data in order to allow us to understand your customers better so that we can determine what product offers to present to increase their propensity to purchase. The platform also gives us the ability to optimize all elements of the offer, including layout, content, price, image, promotional call outs, product, sequence, priority and more.

Our team of merchandising experts, data scientists and test strategists then work closely with you to create test plans and strategies to drive incremental revenue growth through the platform.