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Speed is Everything - Fusion

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Speed is Everything

Customers have a need… a need for speed. We live in an age where information can be accessed easily online and from anywhere in the world. In addition to copious amounts of information, a growing percentage of consumers expect products and services to be instantly available for purchase online. Basically—the faster the better, which can lead to more sales. According to Ecommerce Platforms, U.S. e-commerce sales will grow to $279 billion in 2015.

Speed is essential for both meeting consumer expectations and helping companies maximize online sales. Consumers want to be able to purchase quickly while on the go. Companies need to be sure speed is accounted for within their purchasing functionality to ensure maximum sales completions.

Consumers today are inundated with sales content. Whether or not they are shopping— they are exposed to emails, banner ads, or video ads over multiple devices and channels. The constant flow of information that consumers sift through has resulted in much shorter attention spans. Consequently shorter attention spans of consumers have impacted digital sales platforms. Digital retailers have less real estate on mobile and handheld devices to market the sale, therefore sales content must be instantly enticing, managed well over multiple sales platforms, and connected with databases that work together.

This shift towards moving fast and efficiently has provided companies many benefits as well. We know more about consumers than ever before. The question is how do we leverage insights to make the sale and how quickly can we activate useful data?

With the volume of traffic that digital retailers encounter, the mass amounts of available data is incredible. Putting systems in place to measure, track and interpret this data, including thorough human analysis are vital. The expertise of our analytics team is in their ability build complex models that capture telling insights. As customers use sites on which we’ve integrated our technology, we interact with them, learning about them in real time.

The likelihood of a conversion increases based on knowledge of the customer, what they are looking for and the way that they like to shop. Fusion’s team combined with our software affords us the computational power and ability to run multiple analytical models and manage real-time decision making in milliseconds. Meaning customers are presented the right offer at the right time—providing speed and efficiency in the transaction.

In ancillary sales strategies, analytics provide more than just cues for instantaneous conversions, it paints the big picture. Our analytics team also uses the data we capture for generating comprehensive reports that we interpret and put into actionable solutions on our client sales sites. The value of analytics and data is long term, as you compile information to inform future strategies and design decisions.

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