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Technology and Innovation: Empowering Today's Traveler - Fusion

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Technology and Innovation: Empowering Today's Traveler

The genie is out of the bottle. Today’s traveler is empowered by technology and using it to their advantage to shop for the best purchase.

For example, commentary from the recent PhoCusWright conference noted that Millennials are shopping with mobile devices with the goal of traveling more while spending less on their trips. Desktop computers are rapidly becoming less important with the technology improvements of mobile platforms.

Consumers are using their mobile devices to research and purchase trips because the technology is now robust and accessible for people on the go, and not just sitting at a desk.

So what does a company need to consider when working on meeting the needs of an empowered traveler who uses mobile devices?

  • Is your website responsive? Can it detect a mobile or tablet user and adjust the menu and controls accordingly? Websites that are responsive are easier for consumers to use on any type of device and will help to close the sale.
  • Is your website personalized? Are you able to recognize a repeat visitor and make them attractive offers that fit their needs? If you want to grow the size of the shopping cart, you need to know what your travelers want to buy.
  • Have you thought about incorporating mobile into your customer’s travel experience? By this we mean anticipating what your travelers may be interested in purchasing using mobile devices during their trip. This could include seat upgrades, in-flight Wi-Fi, snacks or even ground transportation. Since your customer likely carries their preferred mobile devices while traveling, this proactive thinking can show you’re thinking about customers for providing a better travel experience.

Adoption of mobile is just one aspect of how technology and innovation is empowering today’s traveler. For example, social media has transformed how companies provide customer service with the importance of a continuous online presence that responds to customer concerns.

What other ways is technology innovation influencing your customers and how are you adapting to maximize these opportunities?

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Randy Hill