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How Travel Providers are Losing Out on Repeat Business | Fusion

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How Travel Providers are Losing Out on Repeat Business

You may be missing out on additional opportunities to sell without even knowing it.

NCR’s recent whitepaper, “A Retail Revolution in Travel,” reveals that while travel providers understand the growing need to better serve their customers, they’re not always following through to help these individuals see additional offers. Only a third of the travelers surveyed have purchased airline-related travel amenities because either the offer wasn’t presented, they weren’t sure if it was, or the offer wasn’t specifically tailored to them – highlighting a surprising disconnect in merchandising and verifying the negative impact on the bottom line.

For air-carriers specifically, missed opportunities to pitch seat upgrades, in-flight meals, baggage checks, entertainment and more at any of the countless digital touch points is resulting in a high percentage of under-served customers.

Here are three ways you could be losing customers while trying to sell travel amenities online:

  • Failing to showcase your offers correctly.
    You want to sell travel amenities, but do your customers even notice the offer? Is it simply stated and relevant to this customer?
  • Making offers that have expired or are no longer available.
    You’re offering upgraded services but in reality, this option is now unavailable. Next time around, your customer is likely to ignore your amenity offerings entirely.
  • Presenting offers that aren’t intuitive.
    The customer wants to buy more, but the process is not convenient. If it isn’t easy, they’ll just move on and you’ll lose the sale – or quite possibly, the customer altogether.

Don’t lose these opportunities! Connecting with customers and providing an increased level of service is also a tremendous way to drive brand loyalty and repeat business. In the same survey, 70% of the respondents said they would prefer an airline that allowed for additional self-served purchases during the trip.

Look at your customer touch points and ask yourself this: are we missing opportunities for repeat business and brand loyalty with our travelers? Is the overall user experience working effectively throughout the customer journey? In assessing your point-of-purchase opportunities and challenges, you should find plenty of potential for improvement in both customer satisfaction and retention.

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